Adam Silver Has A Plan To Solve Issue Of Players Resting



The issue of players resting during big games has become a controversial one in the NBA in recent years. Fans don’t want to watch games where teams rest their best players, but coaches need to find a way to give much needed rest to their players during the long slog of the NBA season.

Adam Silver has addressed the problem in the past, saying he wanted to come up with a solution to address it. It looks like he’s finally got some ideas, which he shared during NBA Lottery Day.

“I think the things we can address most immediately is the resting of multiple stars in one night,” said Silver. “That crosses the line in my mind from strategic resting to gamesmanship. I think at our last owners’ meetings in April there was a general consensus among teams in the room that that’s not appropriate, that we’re misserving our fans and misserving our business partners when we do that.

“The other issue is, to the extent players need to be rested, let’s rest them at home whenever possible. Because there’s 41 home games during the regular season. Your home fans have an opportunity to see your superstar players on a regular basis. But especially when a team in the Western Conference only travels East once, for those fans in that city who might not otherwise have an opportunity to see that player, let’s try to play the player on that night.

“What we hope to do is issue guidelines to our teams this summer. By definition, guidelines are a little softer. I’m hoping that with these guidelines, we can deal with the worst parts of this issue.”

A good plan by Silver and is one that could perhaps make players resting during games no longer be an issue in the future.

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