Adam Silver Is Eyeing A Change Of This Major Rule



Since taking over as the reigns as the NBA commissioner in February of 2014, Adam Silver has been a progressive thinker. He has quickly gotten into the good graces with just about everyone associated with the league due to the actions that he has taken over that span. Another major step in helping improve the NBA could be on the horizon that involves changing the Hack-a-Shaq rule.

I think you all know it is my hope that we are not far away from some reform. This is an issue where I’m hoping we can strike some sort of a compromise.

In recent years, this rule has been heavily exploited around the league with intentionally fouling the worst free throw shooters as a game plan in order to get back into the game or extend the lead. It’s a tool that has been used far overused resulting in a disruption of the flow of the game. This has also caused many fans to lose interest in watching games altogether.

There are proponents in the league that want to keep it in place, but the fact of the matter is that it’s hurting the game more than helping it. It’s slowing down the pace while taking out the excitement of the unpredictability of what will happen each play. The NBA is about its constant action and this simply is counterproductive to that assessment.

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