After Game 2 loss, Kevin Durant Publicly Revealed His True Thoughts On Steph Curry



After winning Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, the Oklahoma City Thunder fell short in Game 2 and lost to the Golden State Warriors, 118-91. Kevin Durant had another great performance but it simply wasn’t enough to get his team over the hump. Steph Curry was too hot in Game 2. After the matchup, Durant spoke out about what he feels is the most underrated aspect of Curry’s game:

“He makes bad shots,” Durant said. “You know, he makes those shots. And sometimes you gotta just put a hand up and contest, and when you pick-and-roll, try to put a couple bodies on him. But he made some tough ones.”

Durant has a point. Making bad shots look good is certainly a specialty of Curry’s. Whether he’s three feet beyond the three-point line or all the way at half court, Curry can seemingly knock down any shot that’s in front of him. The scary part about the Warriors is that they have two guys who can knock down ridiculous shots if you include Klay Thompson in that mix.

Granted, Curry can knock down any shot he feels confident in, and he seems to feel confident in every shot he takes, but the Warriors also have tremendous depth which makes them even more dangerous. The Thunder will look to bounce back against Curry and the “Dubs” in Game 3 as the series moves back to OKC.

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