AJ Styles Has One Huge Aspiration For U.S. Championship



AJ Styles has accomplished much over his brief tenure in the WWE. He is now set to compete for the U.S. title this Sunday at Backlash against Kevin Owens. In light of that, Styles recently voiced his goals for the championship during an interview with Sky Sports.

“I’m excited about it. I think the United States Championship is as big of a deal to me as the WWE Championship, I’m just not in line for that right now and that’s okay. I set goals and being U.S. Champion is one of those and I want to make that Unites States Championship as important as the WWE Championship.”

With Randy Orton sort of taking a backseat on the on-air program, it has allowed for Owens to promote the U.S. title as the prominent belt on the show. The addition of Styles as a competitor for the championship could help give it more credence in the business. In fact, the matchup between the two on Sunday could go a long ways in helping that effort.

It could be just a matter of time before Styles becomes the title holder. Once he does, that will help solidify its prestige in the WWE as one of the more recognizable championships. With Styles and Owens going head to head for the belt can only mean good things for it.

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