AJ Styles Opens Up On His Relationship With Vince McMahon



It has been over a year since AJ Styles made the jump to the WWE. He has made a tremendous impact in the short time that he has spent with the company. During a recent interview with Inside the Ropes, Styles discussed his relationship with Vince McMahon.

“I think that once you’ve proven yourself to Vince McMahon, you’re not some guy that only cares about himself and only wants to get himself over at the expense of stabbing someone else in the back, this isn’t about me, this is about us. Let’s find a way to make WWE bigger and better and more popular and more exciting – and when he sees that in someone when he sees that passion in someone, I think every day you get a little more trust with him, and I want that with my – he’s my boss. And I can go in there anytime and talk to him if I need to. So there’s a relationship there that I enjoy, that I want to get stronger, and day in and day out I want to prove to him that I care about us rather than me. And I think he appreciates that.”

Styles has clearly done more than enough to prove himself to McMahon over his brief tenure in the WWE. He is arguably the best in-ring performer in the business that has put on countless high-quality matches. This has resulted in him becoming a much bigger superstar in the WWE and professional wrestling industry.

Along with that, Styles’ proven resume outside the WWE has helped him garner a strong relationship with McMahon in a short amount of time. He has quickly ingrained himself as one of the top wrestlers and biggest attractions in the WWE. All in all, Styles has a bright future in the business and for much reason.

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