Andrew Bogut Just Made A Surprising Comment About Kevin Durant



There’s plenty of speculation surrounding Kevin Durant’s future as he heads into free agency this upcoming offseason. One team that has been linked as a potential landing for the 27-year-old is the defending champion Golden State Warriors. However, Warriors center Andrew Bogut doesn’t appear to be buying the rumors, according to Scott Howard-Cooper of

“Guys have definitely asked questions,” center Andrew Bogut told “We’re not immune to it. We’ve seen it. We’ve seen the rumors, heard the rumors, all that kind of stuff. Different guys at different times have been scratching their head and thinking, ‘Why?’ The only way we can dispel all that stuff is maybe we’ve got to win five straight. Who knows? It’s one of those things we can’t really control, but we can control trying to make them make a tough decision.”

Golden State will have the ability to clear enough salary cap space to sign Durant if they let Fetus Ezeli and Harrison Barnes sign elsewhere in free agency. They would also have to move either Andre Iguodala or Andrew Bogut in order to make that work. It’s something that can simply be done if the Warriors want to go that route.

If they do, it would believe that Durant would turn down the opportunity to join a champion-caliber team. This may not be in the Warriors’ best interest as it could disrupt what Golden State has built over the last few seasons. Ultimately, the Warriors will remain a possibility until Durant decides to sign with another team.

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