Andrew Hawkins Had The Best Graduation Cap After Completing Masters Degree While Playing In NFL



NFL careers are short, with most lasting just 3 years. It can be hard to adjust to life after football, and to find a new line of work after years of focusing on football. For wide receiver Andrew Hawks, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Hawkins graduated with his master’s degree in sports management from Columbia while playing for the Cleveland Browns for the last three seasons. He did it with a 4.0 GPA, and he’s proud of that fact, as he should be. He even put it on his cap, along with his shuttle time from the NFL combine.

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Hawkins’ degree becomes even more impressive when you read about how hard he worked to get it. Remember, he’s also been an NFL wide receiver.

The NY Daily News‘ Seth Walder reported:

But that degree, which he started working on in the spring of 2015, only came after a long slog of air miles were traveled. Every Monday this spring, Hawkins would leave his wife and three young children and hop on a flight from Los Angeles to New York at 6 a.m. He would go to Columbia, load up on a week’s worth of classes and then turn around and get on the 11 p.m. flight back to LA for his week of training, parenting and homework.

Walder added that Hawkins was living in Los Angeles because he was interning for Maverick Carter at LeBron James’ media company UNINTERRUPTED, which is based in LA.

That’s impressive.

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