Another Team Has Revealed They Would Select Lonzo Ball Despite LaVar Ball’s Presence



Heading the NBA draft lottery, one of the biggest topics around the league has been the prospects of Lonzo Ball. He has remained in the headlines because of his father, LaVar Ball, constant antics in the media. Despite that, Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press is reporting that the Pistons wouldn’t be deterred from taking the former UCLA product in the draft.

With long NBA draft lottery odds, the Detroit Pistons – projected to land the No. 12 pick – likely won’t have to make a decision on coveted UCLA point guard Lonzo Ball.

But if the Pistons are lucky and land in the top 3 of June’s draft in Tuesday’s draft lottery, Ball would not be disqualified because of his controversial father, LaVar.

The Pistons – just like most NBA teams – would select Lonzo Ball because of his talent and, by all accounts, he is considered a good teammate.

The Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns both expressed these same sentiments last week. Ball is simply too promising of a talent to be passing up due to a yammering father. These are professional organizations that believe his antics would not be a distraction.

That said, there are teams that are wary of LaVar’s involvement with his son. It has even caused some hesitance from a few front offices. However, it would hard to believe that any team would pass up on him if he’s there available in the draft.

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