Another WWE Superstar Is Set To Make His Return To The Ring



Following the return of John Cena on this week’s edition of Raw, the company will be getting another superstar back in the near future. Bray Wyatt has been sidelined for the last couple of weeks due to a right calf injury that he suffered during a match in Italy on April 13. Wyatt appears to have his return set in stone, according to Mike Johnson at PWInsider.com.

Bray Wyatt is slated for next week’s WWE TV tapings.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given that Vince McMahon had recently stated that Bray was one of the wrestlers that he believed was ready to return to the ring. With the lead Wyatt brother out, the Wyatt Family has been off the program entirely. Prior to the injury, Bray had appeared to be making headway as a title contender for the WWE championship.

When he does ultimately make his return to the ring, there’s no indication of what the WWE will have him do. There’s also the upcoming brand split of Raw and Smackdown that will feature a draft of the entire roster. This leaves a lot of room to ponder what lies ahead for him.

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