Big Van Vader SLAMS Most Recent Japan Match, Sparks Huge Controversy



In the wrestling world, the new high-flying style of wrestling in Japan is beginning to take off to greater heights. This was highlighted by a recent match during night six of New Japan’s Best of the Super Juniors tournament between two of the best modern high-flying wrestlers in Richochet and Will Ospreay. It has drawn much positive feedback but has also received major backlash from Big Van Vader. The former three-time WCW Heavyweight champion took to Twitter stating that is it  “memorized gymnastics routine” and added that he’s disappointed “to see the direction wrestling is headed”.

Vader received much criticism following his comments with other notable wrestlers such as Nick Jackson of the Young Bucks defending the new style of wrestling. There were also various others that voiced their displeasure with the former WWF superstar. It didn’t take long for Vader to respond with a series of tweets to provide clarity to his stance.

“Wrestling is telling a story. This just isn’t wrestling. They’re rolling side by side in sync, they never learned to tell a story.”

“Wrestling is all about telling a story. What you youngsters have seen your whole life is fans that have become promoters and second tier wrestlers.”

“A little real wrestling mixed in with this dancing gymnastic routine would go a long way. Fantastic gymnastics, though.”

“Their moves are athletic, they both are great wrestlers. When it’s done side by side as a routine something has to say ‘I’m trying to win.’”

“I’m all for wrestling evolving as long as it stays consistent with someone winning and someone losing. Tell that story. Demonstrate that.”

Vader has a long history in the wrestling business that spans that includes being featured in the New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) throughout the 1990s. He comes from a different brand of wrestling and this new aerobatic style isn’t what he’s used to seeing happen in the ring. It may have it’s drawbacks for some but it has helped add much-needed exposure.

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