Bray Wyatt Has His Eyes Set On Facing A Few WWE Stars



In the last several months, Bray Wyatt has seen himself emerge into the scene as one of the main event superstars in the WWE. It has put him in line to wrestle many of the business’ best wrestlers. During a recent interview on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Wyatt made it clear who he wants to face next.

“There are a couple that I haven’t got to that I would be very, very interested in. Seth Rollins, I haven’t got to. AJ Styles, and just kind of a throwback, that I’ve been at war with my entire [pro wrestling] career, Dean Ambrose. I wouldn’t mind getting back in there with him because we create wonderful chaos together. We’ve both spent our entire career trying to kill each other, so it’s very fitting for us to carry on.”

 With the move to the Raw roster following the “Superstar Shakeup,” Wyatt will have the chance to face Seth Rollins. That may have to wait a bit as he is set to engage in a feud with Finn Balor and Rollins isn’t done yet with Samoa Joe. However, down the road, it’s something that could happen.
The same could be said about Dean Ambrose as the two could compete after he finishes his feud with The Miz. As for AJ Styles, that may have to wait until either he or Styles switches shows. All in all, it’s clear that Wyatt has many viable opponents left to face in the WWE.

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