Caught On Camera: Steph Curry’s Mom Grinds On Random Dude On Live TV, Twitter Explodes!



Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors just won his second NBA MVP award in a row. However, after the other night’s game against the Portland Trailblazers, people are talking more about what Curry’s mom did than what Curry is up to. Reason being is, some camera footage caught a bizarre exchange between Curry’s mother, Sonya, and some random dude sitting next to her. The internet is already exploding because of it and we think we know why.

In the video below, we see Sonya, grinding up on some guy after her son hit a shot. Just look at her go! What is she doing? More importantly, who is that guy? Her husband, Dell Curry is only a few feet away in the suite next to her. It seems like she’s getting a bit too friendly with this guy sitting next to her. If you look at the guy closely, he doesn’t know whether to embrace her or back away! LOL!

This is certainly one of the stranger things we’ve seen in sports lately. Naturally, twitter is already exploding with hilarious reactions. Do you think Sonya Curry’s actions were innocent? Do you think Dell Curry has the right to be upset? It’s tough to say. All we know for sure is, Steph better get used to the women in his life stealing his thunder.

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