Charles Barkley Just Got Beat Down In Basketball By A Very Unlikely Opponent



Charles Barkley once had an illustrious 16-year career in the game of basketball. He was once considered to be a top three player in the NBA too, but it seems like his game may have fallen off a bit in recent years. After Barkley challenged his Inside The NBA co-host Ernie Johnson to a three-point shooting contest, the two faced off in an epic battle with a surprising result.

That’s right, Barkley got beat at his own game by a man who is a “grandpa.” There was no shortage of smack talk before the battle, but afterward, Barkley was silent.

Johnson made 10 of his 20 three point shot while Barkley made only seven of 20.
Barkley will likely never live this one down, especially considering they constantly rag on each other on Inside The NBA.

It’s hard to believe that Barkley couldn’t beat out a man that never played the game professionally, but then again, he was never known for his outside shot. Regardless, it’s pretty pathetic that Barkley got beat by a grandpa, but that’s the way it all went down. Look for the guys to rag on Barkley for some time to come, now that he just became a loser at his own game!

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