Charles Barkley Just Revealed This Shocking News About His NBA Career



In the world of sports, one of the biggest health issues that has become a prominent topic over the last several years has been concussions. It has helped further outline the potential dangers of playing in sports, in particularly, football. However, NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley recently opened up a Pandora’s box about his experience with this injury throughout his playing days.

These comments came after Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love was forced him to miss Game 3 of the NBA Finals due to a concussion that he suffered in the first half of Game 2. The fact that Barkley is just barely revealing that he suffered a large amount of this serious injury shows that it can occur in any sport. It’s something that should be brought to the forefront in the world of sports.

This type of head trauma could have a lasting impact on an athlete’s future that could lead to CTE developing over time. This health concern extends far beyond the football field as there have been several other notable professional athletes in other sports that suffered from this condition. It’s a serious matter that is steadily gaining the attention that it deserves.

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