Chris Jericho Believes He Knows How to Fix WWE Cruiserweight Division



Since the WWE implemented the cruiserweight division back into the main roster, it hasn’t exactly taken off. It has had many problems in garnering a significant amount attention aside from the occasions strong match. In light of that, Chris Jericho told Busted Open radio that he believes he knows how to fix the issue. (h/t Wrestling Inc.)

“There’s a lot of that but also, how much more can you do? Also, you say Cruiserweights – you remember things differently than what there were. People say ‘Attitude era was great we want the Attitude Era.’ I’m like, really? Did you forget when Mae Young gave birth to a hand? Did you forget about the Katy Vick necrophilia angle? Really think about what you’re saying. So the Cruiserweight division in WCW, while the style was innovative, a lot of people really didn’t give a damn. I remember vividly, vividly working in a Clash Of Champions, Jericho vs. Eddie Guerrero. And you think ‘Oh my gosh, what a dream match.’ It was for the Cruiserweight championship, and nobody gave a sh*t.

“They sat on their hands the whole show and I remember just – I think it was in Nashville or something, but nobody cared. Not one person making noise. Which you might think is crazy, but that’s the way it was. So when you see 205 Live and people are making noise, we went through it too. And it’s like you said, the style isn’t that different from a Seth Rollins, a Jericho, I think I see every single person does an a-tope from Samoa Joe to Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn – so what is the difference? I don’t really know. If you’re going for the characters and personality then that’s “the heavyweight guys.” So what do the Cruiserweights do to try and break through? I don’t know. Neville is a great character but he needs a great babyface to work with.

“And here’s what I think could work, I think if you put Enzo Amore as a Cruiserweight, and put Enzo vs. Neville for the title, have Enzo win it, watch people get interested in the Cruiserweight division. And people at home are going ‘Ah Enzo can’t work!’ It’s not about that. It’s about getting people to care about the title. Get Enzo in there, have him win it, and watch people start to get involved in the 205 Live. Then Neville has someone to work with. He doesn’t have a baby face to work with. He really doesn’t, that’s super genuinely over with the crowd. That will help.”

Jericho believes that the WWE must look go outside the box with their storylines and gimmicks. It is these out of the norm situations that really helps attract attention. It’s something that is risky, but at this point, the WWE has nothing to lose.

The inclusion of some of the other talent on the main roster such as Enzo or Sin Cara could help bring more eyes to the wrestling at 205. There are many different things the WWE can try and go for unusual approach could help drastically. All in all, the WWE has everything gain with attempting to go that route.

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