Chris Jericho Opens Up About Last WWE Run



It has been almost a month since Chris Jericho finished his latest run with the WWE. It was an eventful stint that saw him put together quite a strong program with Kevin Owens. During a recent interview with Busted Open Radio, Jericho agreed with the notion that it was the best run of his storied WWE career.

“Yeah absolutely man, and not to pat yourself on the back but as for if this was the best run of my career, that’s not for me to answer. That’s for the fans and the people who watched the show to decide. It’s definitely one of my favorites. Top two along with the Shawn Michaels feud, that era, Shawn Michaels, Ray Mysterio, and The Big Show were right in the center of it. This year, I’d like to say we were geniuses and we thought through this and orchestrated the whole thing, but it was all very organic.

Jericho had some of the best promo work that he has ever performed in the ring. His heel run centered on “The List” immediately won over the hardcore fans that allowed for him to put on some stellar segments with Owens. The “best friends” situation between the two helped take both of them to greater heights.

What this showed is that Jericho has the ability to adjust to the times. He may be in his early-40s, he can still perform at a high level and win over fans. All in all, it builds a lot of steam toward his return next month.

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