Could Kobe Be The Next Big NBA Talk Show Host? Here’s His Response To An Offer…



Kobe Bryant’s illustrious playing career is now over, but some speculation has arisen about what he will do next. Many believe he could go on to become a sports television personality like his former teammate Shaquille O’Neal, but Kobe has some words about that possibility, or rather, one word in particular:

Kobe responds by simply saying “No.” Evidently Kobe is just not interested in joining the award-winning Inside The NBA talk show. Perhaps there are already enough strong personalities on that show or perhaps Bryant just has his mind on other things. Many believe Kobe will instead pursue and grow the Kobe.Inc brand into something close to what the “Jordan” brand has accomplished but Bryant is staying mum on his plans.

Bryant has surprisingly done a good job of staying out of the media since has final NBA season ended. Though when he visits Beverly Hills like he did in the video, you knew TMZ would find him and be on the case before long. Do you think Kobe has the chops to be an NBA TV personality like Charles Barkley Or Shaq? He has proven to be very sharp, eloquent and well-spoken but it seems that TV is just not in the cards for Bryant at the moment.

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