Courtney Lee Wants To Play For One Team In Particular Now That He’s A Free Agent



Courtney Lee played only 28 games for the Charlotte Hornets this past season after being traded from the Memphis Grizzlies. Eventually, they were bounced in the first round by the Miami Heat, but that isn’t stopping Lee from wishing to return to the Hornets. Lee feels, now that he’s a free agent, there is only one team he wishes to play for come next season:

“Of course I would like to be [back]. [I] got a chance to build chemistry and friendships with the guys since I’ve been here and it’s been fun playing with them. Everybody is just playing together. There’s no egos out there at all. It’s always about making the right play and the best play to help win and that’s the kind of guys I want to be on a team with.”

Although Lee did not play a major role on the Hornets squad last year, he believes he can grow to fit in perfectly with Charlotte. Lee has already played for seven NBA teams and is likely tired of bouncing around so much. If Nicolas Batum leaves in free agency, Lee will have a slot to fill and can prove his worth as a timely scorer and clutch defender in place of Batum.

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