Dan Quinn Explains Why He Thinks His Falcons Lost The Superbowl



The Falcons blew a huge lead in the worst loss of all time in the Super Bowl and have been mocked for it ever since. And while it might cause some to overreact and clean house, Falcons coach Dan Quinn has instead been studying the game to figure out how he can stop the same thing from happening again with the same personnel.

After a thorough review of the film, the third-year Falcons coach knows exactly why his team was unable to finish off New England: His defense was simply too tired.

Via The Atlanta Journal Constitution:

“It wasn’t about one play,” he said. “Those (defensive series) are the ones I evaluated over and over. When you go back and sit through it over and over, you know, ‘I damn sure can’t get a do-over. But I can learn from it.’ I won’t apologize for how aggressive we play and our style and attitude of where we’re headed. But I have learned from that experience.”

He didn’t get specific, but said, “I could have made it easier on them with design (changes). I could’ve changed the scenarios.”

Quinn’s initial defensive game plan (playing a lot of man coverage with an extra defender lurking in the middle to take away the Pats’ quick passing game) was far too taxing on his players, and the defense did not have enough depth to employ such an aggressive strategy for 60-plus minutes.

“The guys were gassed. We had never played in the 90s (snap count). We were not traumatized at all. You could tell there was nothing left in the tank. They would come to the sideline in the fourth quarter and nobody was talking because there was nothing left.”

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