Darren Collison Just Got Trouble With The Law For This Heinous Crime



The NBA just received some unwanted attention after Sacramento Kings guard Darren Collison was arrested on a domestic violence charge on Monday night. It has put a dark cloud over the league just after the completion of a thrilling Western Conference Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder. The Kings in response to the incident have released a statement on behalf of the organization.

“We’ve been made aware of the situation. The Sacramento Kings condemn violence of any kind. We are gathering additional information and once all facts are known we will take appropriate steps.”

There will be plenty of details that will emerge in the following days, but it isn’t looking good for Collison. The last high-profile domestic violence case in the NBA was Charlotte Hornets forward Jeffrey Taylor who received a 24-game suspension after he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor domestic violence assault charge. The punishment by the NBA for Collison could be much larger depending on how his case plays out in court.

That said, there’s no place of this type of behavior anywhere, especially in the world of sports. It’s an excusable crime that has led the NBA and WNBA to partner with Lean In Together, which is an organization that encourages men to support equality at home and work. It’s also something that the sports world has made major strides in, but incidents like this are a reminder that it’s still a prevalent issue.

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