Darren Young Reveals The Most Embarrassing Thing He Ever Did During A Match… No One Ever Realized Until NOW



In the ring, many things can go awry for a wrestler because of one misstep or miscue that can become an embarrassing moment. This is a common occurrence in the business but isn’t always noticeable to the public. In a recent interview with TMZ sports, WWE’s Darren Young revealed his most humiliating incident in a match that may come to a huge surprise to many wrestling fans.

The fact that Young continued to wrestle through that discomfort shows his dedication to the craft. It also gave him another reason to not wear the blue tights that he wasn’t too fond of. Although it was something that was visible, Young was lucky that nobody noticed the stain on his shorts.

The WWE has withstood many embarrassing moments in the past and this just another one. There have been various other incidents such as Ultimate Warrior vomiting in the ring and John Cena drooling on the microphone during a speech. All in all, it was just another potentially hilarious situation that went unnoticed.

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