Demar Derozan’s Daughter Is At It Again. See What She Said On LIVE TV This Time. LOL!



Demar Derozan and the Toronto Raptors are headed to the Eastern Conference Finals. They just beat the Miami Heat to advance to the third round for the first time in franchise history. After Game 7, Derozan spoke to the media with his daughter in his lap.
Derozan’s daughter is known to make Riley Curry type comments and command attention of the media room with her adorable antics.

Here’s what she did this time.

Naturally, her thoughts are on other things besides basketball. She’s only a little girl. It was cute to see her shout out what she really wanted, though it was probably a little distracting to Derozan.

He and the family might have to wait until they see what happens in the Eastern Conference Finals before making any family trips, but if they do indeed make it to the Finals, Disney World would not be a bad place to celebrate.


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