DeRozan’s Daughter Has Just Dethroned Riley Curry. Wait Until You Hear What She Blurted Out.



When it comes to bringing your daughter up for a press conference, we know only one man is king and that’s Steph Curry. This time, though, Raptors forward Demar DeRozan brought his daughter up after a playoff game against the Miami Heat and the results were golden. This little girl has got quite the future in front of a camera because she clearly stole the moment.

Listen close to what she says after her father is asked a question by a reporter. LOL!
You can clearly hear he say ” I love my daddy.” That’s pretty darn cute if you ask us. You can even see DeRozan laughing and gushing like the proud father he is.

We’ve seen moments like this before when athletes bring their kids up to the press conference. They normally end in so Grade A entertainment too, so we doubt the league will put a stop to it any time soon. All we have to say is, look out Riley Curry, there may be a new queen of cuteness waiting to take over!

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