Did This Former WWE Superstar Just Hint About A Possible Return To The Ring?



It has been well over a decade since Goldberg last stepped foot in the ring for the WWE. In fact, he had only lasted a year with the company and his final appearance didn’t exactly go over well with many fans. That said, the 49-year-old is open to making a return if the money is right in an interview with Wrestling Inc. founder Raj Giri.

“A hell of a lot of money. One hell of a sit-down meeting with me about the complete details of how they plan on doing it. With the option on the table of me doing it myself, that’s pretty nice.”

This interview may have been conducted last year, but the conversation has started back up again with the announcement that he will be featured on the cover of WWE 2K17 after a much-anticipated commercial. It’s well known that Goldberg wasn’t too happy on how his short tenure with the WWE unfolded. This hasn’t prevented the questions about a possible return to the company from coming his way one bit.

Goldberg has repeatedly voiced a desire to wrestle again and has shown that through his various appearances at the Legends of Wrestling events over the last two years. He has also stated that he would like to get in the ring again with Brock Lesnar, who had his future with the WWE announced a few days ago. All in all, there are still many fans that want to see this happen and he’s leaving the door wide open to that scenario.

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