Dirk Nowitzki Says Where He Sees Kevin Durant Going In Free Agency. His Prediction May Surprise You…



Everyone has their own speculations on where Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant will be headed once his free agency is completed. And Mavericks star, Dirk Nowitzki has now joined the group that believes he will be remaining on the Thunder once free agency is over.

Nowitzki feels Durant doesn’t need to go anywhere to win, as he explained to ESPN:“He wants to play to win. He’s got a great group of guys there in OKC. They’ve got everything going. They’ve got youth, they’ve got talent, they’ve got athleticism. He’s got a superstar player next to him. They’re loaded where he’s at.”

Nowitzki makes a great point for why Durant will be sticking around where he is. The Thunder doesn’t need to build a team around Durant – they already have a great supporting team and don’t need to experiment with other talent. So regardless of whether or not Durant signs a one or two year contract this summer, he should be here to stay in Oklahoma.

Where do you want to see KD?

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