Draymond Green’s Scuffle With Lebron Is Now Under NBA Review. Could This Change The Series?



As we have seen throughout the course of this Finals so far, Draymond Green has been a little less than conservative with his cheap shots on the court. And during Game 4, he was back at it again. In case you missed it, as LeBron was stepping over Green, he clearly through a cheap shot up into LeBron’s groin.

While it was too quick for the refs to see, in the live replay it’s more than clear that there was some foul play at work. Even after review, the refs just viewed it as a double foul and allowed the game to continue. But Eric Freeman of Yahoo Sports is reporting that a flagrant foul is a real possibility for Green.

“That situation means any league review that ends in a Green flagrant will keep him out of Game 5. The league could attempt to issue a lesser punishment again and assess the play as a technical — where Draymond has more wiggle room — but this incident should be looked at as a potential flagrant if it’s reviewed at all.”

If they do indeed classify it as a flagrant, it could be a major game changer for the series. However, one important thing to note is that there’s no timeline on the league’s review of the foul, so it’s entirely possible that Green gets away with this one without even a slap on the wrist.

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