Dwayne Johnson Had This To Say About Being the Rock



The most electrifying man in sports entertainment was indeed that for the WWE for many years. He was the face of the brand that helped elevate the company to heights that it had never seen before. In a recent interview with GQ UK, Dwayne Johnson discussed what his greatest role throughout his career that included the long list of movies that he’s starred in.

“The Rock was – still is in fact ­- the best role I will ever get to play. I was being me, but me turned all the way up to ten. I could say anything, do anything and I would wink and everyone was in on the joke. They got it, I was connecting, it was perfect. But I couldn’t help feeling like I had achieved everything I had wanted to in wrestling. By the end of 1998 I was the youngest world champion and making a lot of money, but I wanted to know what was next.”

Quite honestly, The Rock is where it all began for Johnson. This is where he built that contagious persona that attracted “millions and millions” across the United States in other countries to the wrestling world on a weekly basis. Without it, he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to expand his career beyond the ring onto the movie screen.

Although his departure from the WWE over a decade ago rubbed many fans the wrong way, The Rock is still one of the most beloved wrestlers and arguably most recognizable faces in the business. Fans still go nuts when he does make an appearance on the program to tell the crowds “Finally…The Rock Has Come Back to…” their respective city.  His six-second match at WrestleMania 32 may have been an utter disappointment, it doesn’t take away from true adoration that he still receives to this day.

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