Dwight Howard Comes Forward With Announcement And Ignites Ridiculous Controversy



It’s no secret that Dwight Howard can be a pain in the neck. Ever since he left Orlando, he’s seemed to have a slew of problems with his teams. Comments about poor team chemistry, locker room issues and bad attitudes always seem to surround him. Is it Dwight or is it just the media? As for now, it seems like Howard may be fed up with the Rockets, too.

In a recent interview with Charles Barkley on TNT, Howard made some claims that have already turned heads. He essentially admitted to having “disinterest” in his team over this past season in Houston. He thinks it’s hard to play alongside a guy like James Harden who hogs the ball most of the time.

Most players would have just kept their mouth shut. Especially players who are known to have bad relationships with other players. In addition to these comments, he also seemed to be considering opting out of his contract with the Rockets next season. This means we may very well be watching Howard sport a different uniform next year, after not finding a fit these past two seasons in Houston.

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