ESPN Insider Gives Us A Look At The Rocket’s Chances Of Picking Up Kevin Durant In Free Agency



The rumors started in February, when to-be free agent Kevin Durant was expected to be picked up by the Houston Rockets this summer. While it seemed a long shot back then, the time is coming soon, and things could possibly be materializing in that direction after all.

The idea was that the Rockets would be able to create a big three with current players Jim Harden and Dwight Howard with this new addition. And social media was abuzz recently when people heard that Harden and Durant had been hanging out earlier this week.

But Marc Stein of ESPN insider has disregarded this rumor entirely. Rather than Houston, Stein is confident that Durant will end up in a two-year deal to stay with the Thunder. If not, he speculates that the Warriors or the Spurs present the biggest threats to pull him in.

Where do you want to see Durant?

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