Gregg Popovich Fires Back At Critics Over Resting Players



In the last couple of weeks, resting players has become a prominent topic of discussion across the league. Much of this has come directed at San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich. According to ESPN, Popovich has fired back at his critics for the decision to rest his players.

“The one comment that I’ve heard that makes a lot of sense, is that if you’re gonna rest somebody, if you can do it at home, then you should. Like, we’re resting Danny Green tonight,” Popovich said. “Danny Green is not LeBron James, but if we rested Kawhi [Leonard], if there’s a way we could do it at home, that seems like a logical thing to me; a reasonable thing that a coach or GM should think about, rather [than] that one time somebody’s gonna watch him play someplace else, if you can do it. Sometimes the schedule dictates differently. But that makes sense to me. So I think there can be areas like that where we come together and try to make everybody happy. But that’s why no basic rule has been written, so to speak. Because you can’t write a rule that covers everything. It’s complicated … kind of like health care.”

It is quite a complicated situation with some many different perspectives taken on the entire issue. However, the overriding theme to take out resting players in general. It has become the biggest problem for the league with the likes of LeBron James now becoming the center focus of it all.

That said, it’s a two-sided issue with the players also holding a fair argument of being a long season that can wear on the body over time. This is especially the case for LeBron James, who has essentially played another season in playoff games alone. Ultimately, this is going to remain a huge topic of discussion heading into the offseason that may see the league take action against.

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