Gregg Popovich Just Found A Very Odd Way To Insult A Reporter After Game 6 Loss



Greg Popovich is well known for his salty interview antics. He is not shy when it comes to speaking his mind and telling reporters how he really feels. In his most recent interview with reporters after a Game 6 loss, he gave reporters an interesting analogy to help them understand how he’s really feeling:

“NASA discovered all those habitable planets the other day. Twelve hundred habitable planets. And then last night somebody lost a basketball game. Come on, get over yourself.”

“Pop” brings up a good point about perspective, but it’s an odd way to express yourself after being eliminated from the playoffs. The truth is, you never know what Pop is going to say, but you are always intrigued by what eventually comes out of his mouth. In reality, he was wrong about there being that many habitable planets, but we get the point.

Pop was not happy after this loss and we can’t blame him. Regardless, it’s pretty funny hearing Pop tell reporters to get over themselves. Name one other coach that would say something like this. You can’t. There are rumors circulating about whether or not Pop may retire soon, but he’ll likely continue doing an excellent job of finding creative ways to avoid serious questions about things like that.

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