J.J. Redick Just Called Out THIS Toronto Raptors Player After Odd Occurrence in Game 2 Of The East Finals.



Kyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors is struggling mightily in the playoffs this year. In the Eastern Conference Finals, Lowry is shooting just 8-28 from the field and is 1-15 from three point range. It seems like there is more going on with Lowry than meets the eye because he just did something very odd at the end of the second quarter in Game 2.

While his team was getting crushed by the Cleveland Cavaliers, who were in the midst of a late first half 16-2 run, Lowry left the court and walked into the locker room on his own accord. L.A. Clippers guard, J.J. Redick, who appeared on ESPN Thursday night, had some choice words for Lowry and his actions:

Redick is basically saying that it’s unacceptable to abandon your team, even if it’s just for a short while. It’s especially egregious to disappear when you and your team are struggling so severely. Lowry claims he had to leave to “decompress” for a while and clear his head. This is one of the more odd sports stories we’ve heard in a while. Hopefully, for the Raptors’ sake, Lowry’s head is a bit more clear and he can focus on playing better as the series heads back to Toronto on Saturday.

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