Jerry West Has A Surprising Statement About Spurs In Game 1



The Golden State Warriors have taken a commanding 2-0 series lead in the Western Conference Finals over the San Antonio Spurs. However, this required a massive comeback in Game 1 to get to that point. In a recent interview with KNBR’s The Murph and Mac Show, Warriors consultant Jerry West stated that he believes the Spurs should have won that game had Kawhi Leonard has not reinjured his ankle.

To lose someone of his caliber when they were playing so well, and to lose a game they played well enough to win, to be honest with you,” West told KNBR’s The Murph and Mac Show. “Frankly, if he would’ve been there we (Golden State) would not have won that game.”

“He’s one of my two, three favorite players in the league, I absolutely love Kawhi Leonard as a player,” West added.

At the time of Leonard’s injury, the Spurs still had a commanding lead in hand at 21 points. He had also put up a huge game prior to getting hurt scoring 26 points in 23 minutes. His absence from the game really shifted things in the Warriors direction taking an immediate 18-0 run with him off the floor.

Leonard’s absence from the series showed a huge impact in Game 2 suffering a 36-point loss that was never close. With him out of the mix, it has allowed the Warriors to cruise to a commanding lead and likely an easy path the Finals. All in all, West may have a valid point about what could have unfolded if Leonard didn’t get injured.

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