Jim Ross Confirms A Huge WWE Rumor Involving Him



The WWE over the last few months has been making strides toward putting on an all women’s tournament in a similar fashion to the cruiserweight classic. It was announced a few weeks ago that the company was indeed putting on the event with Jim Ross possibly leading the commentating table. In light of that, Ross confirmed just that during a recent interview on Busted Open Radio.

Jim Ross has confirmed that he will be calling the WWE Women’s Tournament. Ross told Busted Open Radio on SiriusXM that he will be serving as a commentator for the summer tournament.

With Ross taking the announcing gig, it should help set the table for what should be an exciting tournament. It is the first of its kind that could see many different talented women wrestlers showcase their abilities on a national stage. It may open the door to many women joining the WWE ranks.

The WWE over the last several months since the brand split last July has taken big strides with the women’s division. It has been at the forefront of their programming and has seen many groundbreaking moments. Big things could lie ahead for the women’s division in the WWE.

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