Jinder Mahal Opens Up About Working With Randy Orton



In less than a week, Jinder Mahal is set to take on Randy Orton for the WWE championship. However, he has had the opportunity to work with him in the ring on house shows and the European that have given him a much better sense of the type of wrestler Orton is. During a recent interview with Sportskeeda, Mahal had much praise for the current WWE champion.

The experience is great. I’m on the European tour so I get to wrestle Randy Orton every night. I try to pick up points every time on how to beat him at WWE Backlash to win the WWE Championship. Working with him is great. He’s a legend in the business. As they say, he’s the legend killer but I think it’s time for someone new to challenge him. I’m younger than him, I’m faster than him and I’m in better shape than him. I’m also stronger than him and don’t have any injuries so I think it’s time for a new WWE Champion.

Orton has put together a stellar career that has numerous accolades to back that stance up. He has continued to perform at a high level in the ring and looks to have several more strong years ahead of him. The current feud with Mahal will be an opportunity for him to show his versatility in the ring.

As for Mahal, this is a chance for him to show he can be a main event superstar. Up to this point, he has been a mid-card talent in the ring. All in all, Sunday’s championship match at Backlash could be huge for both wrestlers.

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