John Cena Doesn’t Hold Back His True Feelings About Shane McMahon’s Return



With the gigantic decision to split the brands of Smackdown and Raw, it has put a familiar face in Shane McMahon back in the limelight for the WWE. He had stepped away to behind the scenes for a few years while remaining the company’s principal executive officer and Vice Chairman of the Board. With Shane back in the mix, John Cena in a recent interview with IGN gave an interesting take on the situation.

I was in the company of the “never,” but I guess this goes to Vince McMahon’s old adage, “never say never.” It’s good to have Shane back. I think it’s a renewed energy in not only the program but the audience, as well. Shane’s been really proactive about showing a lot of new faces and I said for a long time that there’s a bunch of talent that was in NXT and it’s good to see them get their chance on WWE Monday night RAW.

The return of Shane O’Mac certainly brings a new vibe back to business that may have been lacking for quite some time. The Hell in a Cell match he had against the Undertaker at WrestleMania 32 was thrilling from start to finish despite him being taken off in a stretcher after jumping off the top of the cage. Ultimately, what his return has given is some renewed buzz to the WWE.

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