John Cena Opens Up About His Return To Raw



The wait is finally over as John Cena made his full return to the WWE on Monday on Raw. However, it has apparent not gone over too well with many fans how it transpired on his first night back. This is something that Cena addressed the following day via Twitter.

Cena opened up his return with a speech about how the future of the WWE with so many new faces in the business. He then voiced that these “new era” wrestlers will have to go through him first in order to be the top dog in the company. This brought out another aging name to the ring in AJ Styles who turned heel quickly on Cena after the rest of the Bullet Club arrived in the ring.

Although a one-on-one matchup between Styles and Cena would be entertaining, it was quite disappointing to see an older wrestler be the first challenger for the face of the business. If the WWE hopes to bring in more fans, then it would be best putting him in a feud with a young and upcoming star instead of someone who has already developed his reputation in independent wrestling. The fact of the matter is that the WWE has got back their biggest asset and they should utilize it to the best of their ability.

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