John Cena’s Fate In WWE Brand Split May Already Be Decided



The WWE is nearing the return of the brand split that will put superstars solely on either Raw or Smackdown which will be determined by a roster draft. It has been a few years since the company went this route, but it was a formula that did work well in the past by forcing viewers to watch each show to see their favorite wrestlers. Along those same lines, it appears that John Cena’s fate in the upcoming roster draft may already be known, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The best proof of that is the news in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that John Cena will be the face of whichever brand does not have Roman Reigns, likely to stay on Raw.

Although Cena did miss a few months due to his shoulder surgery, he’s still the top dog in the business. The possible decision to have him star on either show separated from the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns is the right move to make. This gives the company it’s current two biggest stars a show of their own. It also makes much sense to bring back another belt like the World Heavyweight championship by renaming it and putting it on the show that doesn’t feature Reigns or whoever is the current WWE World Heavyweight champion.

If Cena does return to Smackdown exclusively, it would be a full-circle move for him as that’s where he built his name and brand. He pushed himself all way up through the ranks eventually becoming the WWE champion. All in all, it could be a major step forward in many regards by potentially boosting ratings for the network and extending Cena’s time at the top of the business.

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