Kenny Smith Believes Charles Barkley Owes An Apology To An NBA Legend



For the past several years, it has been well publicized about the strain between Hall of Famers Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. This conflict has come about due to Barkley’s criticism of Jordan as an NBA owner of the Charlotte Hornets. In light of that, fellow Inside the NBA co-host Kenny Smith told TMZ that he believes the issues between the two could be resolved if Barkley apologizes.

“All he has to do is make a phone call if he misses him. I think the one thing both Charles and Michael have is a lot of pride. Once the pride settles down … I do think Charles was wrong. Mike’s doing a great job. (Barkley) should apologize. (Jordan’s) doing a great job.”

During his early years as an NBA owner, the Hornets then Bobcats had a rough stretch with subpar management and draft selections that set the franchise back for several seasons. However, Charlotte has turned it around making the playoffs twice in the last three seasons. The team now has put together a solid roster led by Kemba Walker and Nicolas Batum that can be a consistent playoff team.

That said, it may be a difficult task to get this done as both Hall of Famers have much pride about them. Much of the onus will be on Barkley to get things cleared up to once close friends. This is something that could take some time in sorting out.

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