Kevin Durant Said Something Shocking And Terrible To His Own Teammate Last Night in Game 2 loss. WOW!



Kevin Durant is known to be one of the nicer guys in the NBA. He’s never been in trouble on or off the court. That’s why it comes as a surprise that he cursed out his own teammate to his face in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals Wednesday night.

Watch the Vine below to see how it all went down:

For those who can’t read lips, Durant clearly says “F— You” twice to Dion Waiters and then gives him a little shoulder bump. That’s pretty harsh considering they’re on the same team. Durant was clearly unhappy with Waiters and he let him know immediately. The Thunder went on to lose the game by a wide margin after they initially took Game 1 in Golden State. Surely, the loss added to Durant’s frustrations.

It seems Durant is tired of being the nice guy. He has stated publicly in the past the he feels he needs to “toughen up” a bit to command more respect around the league. Maybe this is his way of doing so. Regardless, this cannot be good for team chemistry. Hopefully both guys have moved on and are already looking forward to Game 3 in Oklahoma City, but it might be tough for Waiters to entirely forget the incident moving forward.

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