Kevin Love Is Asked About Team Chemistry But His Response Will Keep You Laughing! LOL!



Kevin Love is one of three superstars, along with Kyrie Irving And LeBron James, that make up the core of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Recently, these three had a press conference together and it was nothing but laughs. For a while, it was thought that Love had a chemistry problem with his fellow teammates. While other guys were laughing and playing around together, Love might be caught sitting on the bench, doing his own thing. Things have certainly changed, but to what degree?

In this video, we see the three ballers laughing uncontrollably at Love’s response. He begins by asking the his teammates, “I don’t know, what do you guys think?” Then he tells reporters he’d probably rather watch Game of Thrones than hang with his team. After all, that’s a good show, who could blame him? Seriously though, does it look like they have a chemistry problem?

The Cavs just swept their way to the Eastern Conference Finals and are awaiting the winner of the Miami-Toronto series, so things are good for them right now. It’s clear that Love has broken out of his shell. He’s even starting to “roast” his teammates from time to time. LOL!

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