Klay Thompson Calls Out Timofey Mozgov For “Dirty Play”, And It’s Ridiculous. [Watch Video]



Everything changed in Game 3 of the finals between the Cavaliers and the Warriors. The Cavs turned the tide and flexed their muscle against the Warriors, putting up 120 points on them – making it one of the worst losses of their season so far. But not everybody was happy with how things unfolded that night.

Towards the end of the first quarter, Klay Thompson took a hit from Timofey Mosgov who was setting a screen for Kyrie Irving. The collision caused the Warriors’ shooting guard to rest in the locker room before being able to return to the court in the second quarter.

While it’s hard to tell if the collision was intentional or not, Thompson thinks it was “dirty” play. Here’s what he said in a post game interview:

“It seemed kind of dirty to me. He stuck his knee out too, but that’s basketball. I’m just confused why he’s trying to set a pick in the middle of the key when we’re both running full speed.”

What do you think? Was it intentional? Or is Klay Thompson just bitter about the loss?

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