Kobe Bryant Continuing to Show Post-Career Genius With This Move



Prior to hanging it up, former Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant voiced much confidence in next career post basketball. So far, the 37-year-old has remained busy off the court by attending the 2016 Milken Institute Global Conference last month and is working in the newly organized Kobe Studios where he plans to make films. He has also kept himself prevalent during the NBA Finals by starring in a commercial promoting the new Ghostbusters movie that is due out later this month.


In the final few years of his NBA career, Bryant began to truly mold his image off the court with his long list of endorsement deals that include Nike, Coca-Cola, Turkish Airlines, Lenovo, Hubolt, Panini and Mercedes-Benz. A few days after he announced his retirement, his business, Kobe Inc.,  filed to trademark “HeroVillain” and an “HV” logo, which stands for hero/villain along with a “KB20” mark. He also did the same recently with the “Black Mamba” Moniker and “Friends Hang Sometimes, Banners Hang Forever” phrase.

Bryant was also featured in an Apple TV commercial with actor Michael B. Jordan in the days prior to his last game. He also had “the Conductor” Nike commercial brilliantly released on the day of his last game that featured the likes of Phil Jackson, Jeanie Buss, Paul Pierce, and Rasheed Wallace. All of this is a clear indication that this is just the tip of the iceberg for his career off the court.

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