Kyle Lowry Had Some Choice Words For LeBron James After Being Eliminated In Game 6



The Cleveland Cavaliers are moving on to their second straight NBA Finals after dismantling the Toronto Raptors in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals. It marked the end of Toronto’s most successful season in franchise history with their first conference finals birth. Although they saw their year end sooner than they hoped, Raptors’ All-Star guard Kyle Lowry had some unexpected words of encouragement for LeBron James.

“And I said to LeBron, ‘You a bad motherf’er,’ and I told him to go win it all. I’ve always had mutual respect for LeBron. We have a good relationship, and like I said I just appreciate all the effort and hard work he puts in and just that competitive nature of two competitive athletes going at it. I’m happy for him because he gets another opportunity [in the NBA finals], but I’m disappointed that we’re not having that opportunity.”

It’s quite the oddity to see an opposing player send his well wishes to an opponent, but James is another step closer to bringing the Cavaliers their first NBA title. It has the potential for being a career-defining moment for the four-time NBA MVP. If he fails once again, his legacy will certainly take a huge hit by falling to a 2-5 record in seven NBA Finals appearances.

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