Kyle Lowry May Have Just Totally Redeemed Himself, But You Will Not Expect How He Did It



Kyle Lowry has been struggling throughout these NBA playoffs. He’s having a tough time getting his shot going and has been the center of some negative attention in the media as of late. One of the stranger happenings that caused him to be portrayed in a negative light in these payoffs was how he totally left a Toronto Raptors security guard hanging before Game 2 of the East Semi’s when the man tried to go in for a fist bump.

This time, however, Lowry was back in Toronto and made sure to show love to the man he previously snubbed:

The full video above shows the time he snubbed the security guard and the next go around in which he daps up the man he previously left hanging. Maybe the daps were good luck for Lowry because he actually played decent in Game 2, in which his team got a much needed win against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

This time, Lowry wasn’t even in the corridor to “decompress” or get his head clear. He was just getting ready for Game 3. Lowry went on to score 20 points in the matchup and he looks to continue scoring the ball well in Game 4 on Monday night.

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