Lakers Cool On Lonzo Ball As They Consider An Alternative Draft Target



It’s no secret that there’s a lot of mutual interest between the Lakers and Lonzo Ball for this upcoming draft. Lonzo and his father LaVar has talked a lot about the desire to play for Lonzo’s hometown Lakers, while the Lakers see Lonzo as a future star that could help them return to their Showtime Lakers Renaissance.

But after losing to De’Aaron Fox in the NCAA Tournament this year, Lonzo’s facing off against him again. This time, they’re competing for a chance to play for one of the most successful franchises in all of sports. The Lakers have recently expressed interest in the latter and plan to entertain a workout between the two, per Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress.

While others willingly participated in the NBA Draft Combine, Ball abstained; which raises the question if he would be willing to subject him to a head-to-head with Fox.

The last time the two freshmen went mano-a-mano, the Wildcat had a huge edge, dropping 39 points in 36 minutes to eliminate the Bruins and holding Ball to 10 points and four turnovers in a Kentucky 86-75 win en route to the Elite 8.

Fox also outplayed Ball during a regular season loss to UCLA, scoring 20 points and dropping nine dimes to Ball’s 14 points, seven assists, and six turnovers.

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