Lakers Look To Make Big Trade To Replace Kobe With Another Star… But It’s Risky



The Los Angeles Lakers just capped off their worst season in history by finishing with a dismal 17-65 record. Now they have some serious work to do. The Lakers have a 55.8 percent chance at obtaining a top 3 protected pick in the 2016 draft, so nothing is guaranteed. How will the Lakers make enough moves to become relevant again? Well, what they’re considering may just surprise you.

According to Lakers reporter, Mike Trudell, the team may trade the pick to someone else.

They are hoping to surround themselves with enough talent as possible for the upcoming season, but will a draft trade like this be wroth it. LSU stud Ben Simmons is largely expected to be the top overall pick in the 2016 draft, but if the Lakers can’t get him, will the next guy be enough? It’s tough to say.

They need to do something. A franchise as high in worth as the Laker’s can not stay a bottom-dweller for this long. Now that the Kobe era is over, they need to do something to shake things up. There are so many reports about what they will do with the draft pick but few have been verified. If they do indeed trade the pick, what do you think they will get for it in return?

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