Las Vegas May Have Revealed WWE Backlash Results



In less than 24 hours, the WWE is set put on the Backlash pay-per-view. It is a stacked card that features a few notable matches. In light of that, 411 Mania is reporting that Las Vegas had a major shift in the betting lines that could indicate a change in the expected outcome.

Bet Wrestling.com is showing a major betting odds shift for this weekend’s WWE Backlash PPV event. Previously, Randy Orton was the heavy favorite to win his title match with Jinder Mahal this weekend. However, now Mahal looks to be the favorite to win the match at 2/5. One thing to keep in mind, the odds only indicate that Mahal will win the match and not necessarily walk out as champion, since Orton can still retain the title with the champion’s advantage. Rumors earlier this week indicated that Orton would retain the title this weekend, and WWE wants to keep the title on Orton throughout the rest of the summer until Summerslam and possibly beyond that.

Earlier this week there were reports that Orton would retain the title because he is viewed as “one of Vince’s guy” that would mean a lengthy title reign. The sudden shift in the betting odds could mean that he will retain the title but lose the match because of disqualification. There are many ways that could occur possibly involving the Singh brothers.

Since earning the No.1 contender spot, the WWE has been pushing Jinder Mahal hard. It has set up an opportunity to finally make some noise as a single’s competitor. All in all, it could be quite a memorable finish to the match.

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