LeBron James Just Made An Unbelieve Comment About Cavs



LeBron James since entering the league has been the primary focal point of the teams that he’s donned a uniform. He’s arguably the best player in the league that can often times single-handedly lead his team to victory. However, his recent comments about his role in the organization are quite laughable.

It would take an absolute fool to believe that James sees this to be true. He’s the most powerful player in terms of control over a franchise by having the fate of the Cleveland Cavaliers in his hands. That was quite clear with how he helped construct the team’s current roster that includes orchestrating the move to acquire Kevin Love and convincing him to re-sign on a long-term deal with the Cavaliers last offseason.

With Kobe Bryant retiring, James is now the most recognizable player in the league with the most control over his team. All of this makes his statement that more outrageous to hear him utter. It may have been made to help endear himself more to his teammates, but he’s not deceiving anyone.

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