Magic And Grizzlies Are Fighting Over THIS Man To Take Over As Head Coach Next Year



Finding a good head coach in the NBA is no simple task. It takes years of experience and a wealth of basketball knowledge to build success while at the helm of a professional team. Recently, the Memphis Grizzlies and the Orlando Magic have both shown interest in one particular man who they think may have those assets. That man is Patrick Ewing.

The hall-of-fame former center has been an assistant coach for the Charlotte Hornets for that past few years and has been coaching in the league since 2002. Not only are both the Grizzlies and the Magic showing interest though, it seems Memphis has already conducted an interview with Ewing. Many have believed, for years, that, if given the chance, Ewing could make a great coach in this league someday.

He has already had success as an assistant and it seems the gap from assistant to head man may be bridged sooner rather than later. The Grizzlies certainly need all the help they can to get over the hump next season. They’ve made the playoffs six years in a row now, but each time, they’ve failed to get past the second round. Meanwhile, the Magic haven’t made the playoffs since Dwight Howard left town, and they are looking for someone to come in and take the reigns and lead them to the promised land.

Only time will tell where Ewing ends up. Hopefully, he finally gets his chance at being a head coach in the NBA next season.

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